Debate Partners

Debate Partners

The 2020 vice presidential debate is made possible through a partnership with the University of Utah's Hinckley Institute of Politics and the Utah Debate Commission.


The University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics  is dedicated to engaging students in transformative experiences and providing political thought leadership. 

The institute was founded in 1965 by Robert H. Hinckley whose vision was, “teach students respect for practical politics and the principle of citizen involvement in government.” Since that time, the Hinckley Institute remains wholly committed to serving students—enhancing their educational experiences and preparing them for their careers. The institute; places students with world-class internship opportunities, organizes compelling forums and speakers, and engages the campus community.


The Utah Debate Commission was established in 2013 to educate voters and promote a civil exchange of ideas among the leading candidates for statewide and federal offices in Utah. Its purpose is to; educate voters about viable candidates and their issue positions, promote a civil exchange of ideas among the leading candidates, and elevate the discussion of the most important issues confronting the State of Utah. 

The Utah Debate Commission is a consortium of higher educational institutions, media organizations, and business and civic leaders dedicated to creating a non-partisan and independent system of debates among qualified candidates for statewide and federal offices in Utah during each election cycle. Representatives from these entities also serve on the Board of Directors.